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Adeela Abdul Razak
Adelaide, AU

Hello there, thank you for stopping by! I'm a graphic designer, an illustrator in the making, an explorer, a chai lover turned coffee addict, a stationery hoarder and an entrepreneur. I was born and brought up in Madras, eventually moved to Bengaluru and currently settled in Adelaide, Australia.

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Adeela Abdul Razak's Portfolio

  • Watercolor blobs
  • Leaves Pattern
  • Triangle Hierarchy
  • Plant Virus
  • Addition Overload
  • Ash + Pink pattern
  • Chocolate & Mint Rhombus
  • Leaves on Purple
  • Ink Blot
  • Dark Foliage
  • Abstract lines
  • Watercolor Triangle
  • Greyscale feathers
  • Snow Penguins
  • Flora
  • Cat Stroke
  • Heart Stroke
  • Bull Stroke
  • Owl Pattern
  • Elephant Parade
  • Do your Squats!
  • Do more!
  • Follow your Heart
  • Your face
  • Weird like me