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Inspired by my dear friends, thank you, köszönöm, धन्यवाद, ཐུགས་རྗེ་ཆེ ! Title explanation: Mahāmudrā literally means "great seal". It's a multivalent term of great importance in Buddhism, the quintessential message of all their sacred texts. Mahāmudrā is the culmination of all spiritual practices - beyond all the phenomenons, all the conecpts, imaginations, projections. Simple reality from the source. (Artwork depicts god Shiva in half female and half male form, front of a lingam -or 'shivling' used for his worship in temples-. The sign on Shiva's chest called 'swastika' is an ancient vedic symbol, used to represent honesty, truth, purity and stability. Its four angles or points also symbolize the four directions, or Vedas.) Material: graphite Size: 12.2 X 17 INCH (31 X 43 CM) Price of original artwork: bid Shipping cost: free

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