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Inspired by and dedicated to Sumiththananda Thero and his temple. நன்றி, Thank you, Köszönöm, ཐུགས་རྗེ་ཆེ, धन्यवाद! Materials: akvarell, tempera Size: 24 X 17 INCH (60 X 42 CM) This song had came during the process of painting: "Which place do you come from? From which place did you come here to born? To which place do you go to sleep every night? To which place will you go when you die? Which place you can't imagine with the mind? Which place you can sense only with the heart? This place is your only Heart. This state is your only Self, you are only Life. You are only Truth, pure Essence: Love and Light." Price of original artwork: bid Shipping cost: free

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