A POOR GIRL - Double Exposure Art

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In a fortified city –land of social divide, Where lordly rulers, sadly greedy reside. I saw a girl, searching a scrap of food. Hunger poured out from her innocent face. Pain and poverty had silenced her smile. On my question, stammering, she replied; “In poverty, I am walking on thorns of life; Parent without shelter, pass nights in a tent And days of sorrow in the shadow of tree.” Listening this, my eyes wept with tears. Kissing her dirty and tired hands, I said: “Love you, my poor girl; your story is so sad.” Looking at me, my Murshud smilingly said, “O created for Eternal Bliss, Give and will be given, True joy in life is to share a slice of bread Live a simple life; so others may simply live.” ---- Matloob Bokhari

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