Pita - Indian Father (Mata, Pita, Guru & Dev)

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A very popular phrase “Mata Pita Guru Dev” in Sanskrit delineates the order of important personalities in human birth. Though there are different opinions based on different perceptive and experiences, it truly beholds the concept of entire human life. Mata, the foremost is the one who gives us birth and brings us into this world. Pita, then introduced by our mother, is the first best friend child earns. He teaches the basics of life. Guru, the esteemed is the one that every human should possess. He is of course identified by our father and mother. Guru not only imparts knowledge within us but paves the way to travel beyond inner darkness and physical boundaries. When saying Dev last, is where the disparity occurs. How could the Almighty go to the fourth position? Here Dev represents self-realization or being enlightened and knowing the almighty within. This beautifully encrypted phrase “Mata Pita Guru Dev”, is thus illustrated. #indianfolkart365 / Day 67-70 / Mata Pita Guru Dev / Indian Folk Art Style : Kerala Mural, Kerala / Tools : Inking - Adobe Illustrator + Colouring - Sketchbook Pro + Compositing - Photoshop CC / Artist : SCD Balaji // Explore more in

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