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Perfect for capturing fleeting ideas or doodling on the go, our soft cover notebooks will inspire you to create something new everyday. These notebooks make great traveling companions and welcome additions to any stationary collection. Our notebooks come in two size options - an A5 Travelers Edition (120 pages) and an A6 Pocket Edition (96 pages). Each notebook is handcrafted using premium 100gsm natural color maplitho paper, offering a smooth writing experience. Featuring plain blank pages inside, our notebooks go good with coffee and have been known to cure writer's block.

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Living in my own world didn’t understand That anything can happen things don’t go as planned Money problems worries about life Struggle to keep on track and keep right Living in my own world till someone burst my bubble I never understood that being older was so much trouble Feeling stress of having to get my own things Remembering all the joys of the old springs Living in my own world when time of worry never involved me Always wanting to grow up fast I didn’t realize how sorry I’d be Always wishing to be an adult always wishing to be free Now I realize things aren’t always the way they seem Living in my own world STEPHANIE MCGRATH

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