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Cupick postcards are made of premium quality semi-gloss paper, with a superior writing surface to pour your heart's contents. The postcards are sold in sets of four, and are placed in between two cardboard plates and shipped in a mailer envelope.

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I do not fear to lose you for you were never mine... I fear for inability to own you. My greatest fears lie buried in the depths of soul and face be a mask of ivory... But eyes lack the ability to drown in the pool of lies and deceit. Fear is a part of us, the way we breath, the way we love, the same way we fear. Often life makes us so anxious that we fear to lose all we have, fear to lose control. But if there is something that you never owned, the fear to own it is lost amidst crowd of emotions. But we fear that we will lose the ability to achieve. And then we hide our fears before smiles, and cry in isolation, wear a beautiful face and cheat everyone of the knowledge of truth but can we truly lie with our eyes? This is Sophie Turner from one of her photo shoots probably. It is made with graphite on soft paper. The eyes are the most stunning part of this picture and unruly hairs created with very fine strokes.

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