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Our posters are custom cut and made available in six maximum sizes - Mini, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and King Size. Mini and small sizes are printed on a Lykam Gloss surface, while medium to king sizes are printed on a Matte poster surface with silk-like texture. These posters are a pleasant move away from the stiffness of most posters. When your awesome collection arrives by mail, you can be sure that they'll be crease-free and in mint condition.

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About this artwork

This painting is something very different for me; a representation of a time and place in history that I have always had deep and personal feelings about, often wondering how I would have responded having faced the same challenges. There was a special group of Americans, coined "The Greatest Generation" by Journalist Tom Brokaw in the year 1984. This generation grew up during the Great Depression and, as adults, experienced the sacrifices, tragedies, horrors and atrocities of World War II. They were asked to contribute and that is exactly what they did; on the battlefields and in support from home and around the world. They did so with courage, valor, enthusiasm and patriotism. When the war was won, the survivors united to shape America into the strongest nation on earth. My painting is, I am sure, a scene repeated many times over when a warrior had to leave a dear friend behind. It is simply my personal tribute to "The Greatest Generation".

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