Over the River and Into the Valley

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Although the scene reminds me of so many places that I have visited, it is not from one of my travel photographs. This painting is completely from my imagination. One of those that sort of transformed as I worked into what you see now. It is a bright, clear, cold day after a late autumn snowfall the night before and the air is fresh and clean. I am on an old dirt road driving a horse drawn carriage, wagon or sleigh. I am with a small group of friends all bundled up to keep warm. We are returning from a sightseeing ride through the countryside. Through the covered bridge and a mile or so into the valley we will reach my cabin where a warn fireplace and hot drinks await. After a while to warm up and reflect on all the interesting things and beautiful scenery that we saw on our ride, the charcoal grill beckons for a first class barbecue with all our favorite side dishes and drinks.

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