End Acid Attacks.

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About this artwork

Acid attack is the most heinous crime against women. Most survivors experience a dramatic change in their lifestyle and face social isolation that damages their self-esteem and economic position. The trauma stems from excruciating pain and unbearable shock compounded by social rejection even by their own family members. This is a series of illustrations with the sole purpose of changing the mindset of how the general public looks at acid attack survivors and even how the victims look at themselves. In my opinion, scars and bruises on the bodies of the survivors should not be a sight of pity. These marks should be considered beautiful. Victims should not feel insecure about their appearance but should sense a feeling of pride because they were strong enough to survive the inhumane incident. I’ve doodled the various parts which are disfigured because these floral patterns beautify their face and soul. Their marks, scars and bruises are nothing but doodles on their bodies – an everlasting impression of their courage and strength.

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