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Liven up your home and say goodbye to water rings on your furniture with our stylish coasters. These square shaped coasters are made from a high quality clear glossy acrylic base and are available in sets of two or sets of four. The coasters measure 3.75″ x 3.75″ x 0.20″ in dimension, making them the perfect sized companion for your favorite mug or cup.

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About this artwork

For all its allusions to reality, it's an image that understands the power mystery has to create magic... Fine art photographer Karl Dmitri Bishop has unveiled his new series Samsara, a photographic exploration of cyclic existence informed by study of Buddhist teachings. Each image corresponds to a state in the bhavacakra, a pictorial representation that is rumored to have been devised by Buddha himself to help ordinary people recognize and transcend the impermanent physical world and its repetitive struggles. Samsara is something of a magnum opus. It defines and deepens the themes prevalent in Bishop's mythos, casting his signature theatrics as reimagined Tibetan symbolism. The direct translation to its title is "wandering through," as apt a phrase as any to describe the transient spaces his work creates. Aesthetically, the photos are some of the most striking in his portfolio; breathtaking, haunting images that present a mix of ethereal intrigue and muted sensuality.

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