"BrainFlower", Digital Photo Collage (c)Lauren Curtis

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While working as a marketing coordinator in a health-care center for over 10 years, I became intrigued with all the x-rays I saw during my career, depicting various states of the human skeletal system. As an artist, I was fascinated by being able to see the inner workings and sculptural forms of the human body and I envisioned a way to incorporate them into my artwork. These x-rays, to me, truly represent the spiritual and scientific wonders of nature and the human body. This lead me to create the “X-Rayted” series, which I began in early 2010 and continue to expand on currently. The content consists of photographic collages of human X-rays (I photograph the actual x-rays & retain the transparent look of the images) incorporated with Victorian woodcut etchings of insects, plant life and other subjects. These are juxtaposed with original nature images and photos I shot of cemetery and funerary statuary from across the US & Europe. I am also working on new pieces utilizing photos I took of animal bones, feathers and shells (all naturally found objects!). By doing this I can represent the underlying connection between all forms of nature and how life and death intertwine.

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