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Cupick postcards are made of premium quality semi-gloss paper, with a superior writing surface to pour your heart's contents. The postcards are sold in sets of four, and are placed in between two cardboard plates and shipped in a mailer envelope.

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© Sept. 2011 Wooden WallArt Original and Hand-made. Design: Hopi God Massau at top left, a Mountain Sheep, representing all animals; a Parrot, represnting all birds; Journey of People, representing all nations traveling to their origins and the Corn Plant, representing all crops in the world. The Creator, "Massau", the God of the Hopi People. The Creator of all Creations, watches and ensures all living things are being carefully taken care of properly. It has been an experience of many people out on Hopi, even for us when my wife and I were out home in February 2006. Dogs crying and hollowing one evening during preparations for a ceremony. As the crys and hollowing got heavy, just a fews second after, all the crys and hollowing stopped at the same time. Meaning, Massau was traveling through the village or areas that he controls as being The Creator. Medium: Acrylic on solid unbonded Ash Wood. Very durable wood. Measures: 22.5 cm x 14.7 cm. (6 in. X 9 in.) Ready-To-Hang. No Frame needed. Price: 68,00 € Price incl. PH, Insurance + shipping within Germany. All other countries need to adding insurance and shipping cost.

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