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Liven up your home and say goodbye to water rings on your furniture with our stylish coasters. These square shaped coasters are made from a high quality clear glossy acrylic base and are available in sets of two, four or six. The coasters measure 3.75″ x 3.75″ x 0.20″ in dimension, making them the perfect sized companion for your favorite mug or cup.

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About this artwork

Masaan really moved me. This movie showed me the fragility of Life,Human Emotion and Mind. It depicted life's impermanence and nudged me to seize the day. I understood something very different about water after this movie,strangely so, as so many things revolve around the Ganges,which flows through Banaras,the place itself,the ghat,and all the characters. We know life best when we are underwater as, just on the other side,if we miss taking the next breath is Death.We have to move out and move on,that's how life is,however hard it seems.We are constantly seeking,helplessly for something, that fills our emptiness, reaching out to the sky, looking for that hand which will never leave. I illustrated this poster by showing Jhonta underwater,swimming out, because unknowingly, Jhonta links 2 lives,him swimming out shows Life needs the next breath and somehow, aptly describes Deepak's cry of sorrow, "When is this phase of grief going to pass?!"...Hope,Seeking and Helplessness. Celebrate Life,Death and Everything in Between, Malavika

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