The French Restaurant

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It was his move. As usual, he had nothing brilliant to offer but didn’t volunteer to admit. She was looking at the clock tower well aware of his plight... She knew if she looked at him, she would laugh. To her, he looked like a nine year old struggling with math. He finally made his move. Bg5. She countered with her Rook almost without looking. He continued to stare at the board. Suddenly, she said, without any variation to her tone, “We should go to the top of the clock tower some day.” “Yea, why not! We should.” He said, without looking away from the board. “Like last year when you said we should totally scale Mt. Everest. I had packed, lied at home, borrowed money and you hadn’t even registered…!” “No, I am serious. We should like totally stand on the ledge…” both her mouth and her body spoke animatedly. “I thought you were scared of heights.” “Yea… I am no… let’s go now!” She said and started to pack her bag pack. “Hey… the food is expensive here… Finish this first. In any case, you need some vitamins and common sense in you to get to the top of that tower… Look how pale you are!”

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