The Grandpa Clock Tower

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He had trouble remembering them chronologically. He had more trouble deciding which was a memory, a dream or a fantasy. He had been wearing the same watch for seven years straight. It wasn’t an expensive or branded one at all. It was his. He had made it. As a kid, his favorite sight was that of a grandpa clock at a local pawn shop. He used to visit it daily until the day it was purchased by a patron. He didn’t bother enquiring whom. It didn’t matter to him anymore because he no longer felt that it belonged to him. It took him another five years to make his own. He had started assembling a wrist watch using spare parts and even managed to finish it but the day he wore it, it felt foreign. So he started from scratch and took another two years to complete his watch. It felt his. He simply could not fathom of what value it would be to someone else.

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