Bare Backed Beauty

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She was sitting on the bed facing the window holding a pillow; her bare back to him. The warmth of the morning rays embracing her skin. His vision was still blurry but he could smell her and that made him smile. He leaned across and took a whiff off her hair that was tied up clumsily. He rested the tip of his nose on her right ear and inhaled deeply. His senses thrived on her presence. He stared at the fan for some time before finally asking, “What’s up?” “I don’t know.” She sighed, still facing the window. He smiled, “Good…” and then yawning, he said, “Go, brew me a cuppa coffee…” She threw the pillow at him and then turning around said, “I said ‘I don’t know’… you should be worried, you imbecile!” “Ok… no coffee. How about eggs?” He teased with a silly grin.

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