After the perfect grey follows the white

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In the Image: Transmutation Circle About: Alchemy is, as it is understood in the Fullmetal Alchemist series, the ancient metaphysical science/mystical art of manipulating and altering matter by using natural energy. In Alchemy the act of "Transmutation" requires a symbol called a Transmutation Circle. Written in the Image (from Ripley’s The Compound of Alchymy): Pale white and black with false citrine, imperfect white and red, The Peacock’s feathers in bright colours, the rainbow in the sky above, The spotted panther, the green lion, the Crows beak blue as lead. These shall appear before you in perfect white, and many more others. And after the perfect white, grey, false citrine also, And after these, there shall appear the red body invariable, Then you have a medicine of the third order of his own kind multipliable.

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