Mountains are calling

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The artwork is from the series of illustrations I did from my stay in Kargil. I guess for the most of us when we think of kargil, the first thing that comes to our mind is the war of 1999. There is hardly anything written about its culture, people or places.. Most of us don’t even think of going there as the very first thought is- it was a war zone, may be still is an area of conflict. Since I have stayed there for a little while, I can say it’s much more than the Kargil war. Its beauty and culture is something that most of us don’t know about. I hope I can show people the other side of Kargil through my illustrations. For a long time, nature has been a great inspiration to me, so I have tried to illustrate how simple and beautiful Kargil is through my illustrations. I hope more people visit Kargil; it’s not a war torn city. It’s much more than that.

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