Discovering a Burly Ent

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About this artwork

So I have been fascinated with Ent's lately! I've also been inspired by tree creatures in general. I wanted to make a burly ent, and that's just where this creatures falls under, the, Burly Ent category. Here we are presented with our little adventurer, Prince Solomon, and his trust worthy friend likened to a steed, Fernando the llama. They are on their adventure through the foggy lands of the unknown where they stumble across a Burly Ent feeding on a Spruce Tree which it finds to be very tasty. The enormity of the Burly Ent captivates them, Solomon pulls out his sword to stand guard for safety, but Fernando the llama is calm and stares at the big beast. This draws curiosity for both adventurers who can't help but look and scale the beast with their wide eyes. The Burly Ent doesn't realize he is being watched and continues to eat his late afternoon meal. The two stare in amazement and take in this beautiful animal and it's entirety. I hope you enjoy this piece!

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