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This is my award winning entry in Red Bull Doodle Art Global Gallery , Cape Town , South Africa My inspiration was spirituality. At the time of this competition, I was doing some research on Hinduism, Not the religious aspects but the spiritual ones,starting from the lores and concepts behind creation and existence, to every symbols that are depicted in ancient Hindu scriptures and art.So these things were constantly in my mind, subconsciously.In my doodle I have unknowingly channeled some of my interpretations.This doodle depicts the realization of nature and existence by humans.A human embodying the universe, symbolizes that we humans are the creator of our own universe, through science and technology we create our universe,a material reality, tame nature and try to predict the uncertainties in our life. When we realize that these are mere tools through which we create our universe and we are the supreme creators itself, all there is left ,is a void, a void of not knowing, its this curiosity that pushes us to the spiritual reality.And realizing nature, is a part of this spiritual awakening. I have used symbolism in every character visible in the doodle, just like in ancient Hi

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