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Perfect for capturing fleeting ideas or doodling on the go, our soft cover notebooks will inspire you to create something new everyday. These notebooks make great traveling companions and welcome additions to any stationary collection. Our notebooks come in two size options - an A5 Travelers Edition (120 pages) and an A6 Pocket Edition (96 pages). Each notebook is handcrafted using premium 100gsm natural color maplitho paper, offering a smooth writing experience. Featuring plain blank pages inside, our notebooks go good with coffee and have been known to cure writer's block.

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Inside the dark tunnels of your unconsious, if you dare to venture'll reach the opening of the Chamber of Light. You cannot walk into that place, you wont' have your feet anymore. You need your wings...the wings of faith, and it will only appear to the one who is worthy, and of faith. And you need the crystal...the stone, the key to the realm of the divine luminance, but it isn't easy to procure. If you can let go of your personas, all the false identities that you wear in the outside world and stand naked in front of the gate, the stone will appear to you. And then, the Other world awaits.

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