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Perfect for capturing fleeting ideas or doodling on the go, our soft cover notebooks will inspire you to create something new everyday. These notebooks make great traveling companions and welcome additions to any stationary collection. Our notebooks come in two size options - an A5 Travelers Edition (120 pages) and an A6 Pocket Edition (96 pages). Each notebook is handcrafted using premium 100gsm natural color maplitho paper, offering a smooth writing experience. Featuring plain blank pages inside, our notebooks go good with coffee and have been known to cure writer's block.

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Through all the disturbance fencing your life, the time will come for realization to dawn when you will at last awaken from that unconsciousness. When the tumult of your motley emotions finally subside, everything will become crystal clear like setting water on fire will make to you complete sense. Yes! You will know that it all begins from you and that it all ends in you! Nothing else has made an impact. While the spectators silently watch from the side, the promiscuity of your existence, you know they do so for to them, you make no significant difference. Oh! I pray for that day of realization; that time when I will know. And when knowing it will give me peace.

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