Dr Nambiar and the Elephant


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Cupick postcards are made of premium quality semi-gloss paper, with a superior writing surface to pour your heart's contents. The postcards are sold in sets of four, and are placed in between two cardboard plates and shipped in a mailer envelope.

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About this artwork

Dr Nambiar was the vet who came to check on my family's dogs. He was slightly blind and treated an array of animals from chickens to elephants. On a visit to check on a pregnant elephant, the good doctor had to use a stool to check if all was well and she would have an obstruction free birth. This was because Mrs Elephant wouldn't lie down, even after there was much coaxing from her handler. As Doc Nambiar proceeded to check her...the Elly Belle didn't appreciate him poking around in her privates and dealt a swift kick to the poor doctor. This is a story my father would recount to us with much laughter and joy as kids.

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