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Perfect for capturing fleeting ideas or doodling on the go, our soft cover notebooks will inspire you to create something new everyday. These notebooks make great traveling companions and welcome additions to any stationary collection. Our notebooks come in two size options - an A5 Travelers Edition (120 pages) and an A6 Pocket Edition (96 pages). Each notebook is handcrafted using premium 100gsm natural color maplitho paper, offering a smooth writing experience. Featuring plain blank pages inside, our notebooks go good with coffee and have been known to cure writer's block.

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Nostalgia is a comforting emotion. No wonder we find ways to experience it every day. Throwback Thursdays, Flashback Fridays – they’re weekly opportunities we seek to hit rewind. Despite that, it's worth wondering why some memories keep rushing back at the drop of a hat while others remain as elusive as quicksilver. A derivative of the word ‘group’, Gruppe is a cluster of memories I reach for when I need to turn back the clock. The vibrant bits depict the oft visited memories while the jaded bobs hibernate in some part of the brain. I avoid being too hung up on or haunted by my past though. We tend to forget – one day we might be nostalgic for where we are right now and we wouldn’t have any memories of it.

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