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Liven up your home and say goodbye to water rings on your furniture with our stylish coasters. These square shaped coasters are made from a high quality clear glossy acrylic base and are available in sets of two, four or six. The coasters measure 3.75″ x 3.75″ x 0.20″ in dimension, making them the perfect sized companion for your favorite mug or cup.

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About this artwork

Inspired by the quote ' But my dear, this isn't wonderland and you're not Alice' painting the picture of reality, a harsh, brutal yet an empowering reality. When I heard this quote, I didn't take it in a negative sense. To me, it says this isn't Wonderland and you are not alice, hence you hold the reins to your own destiny. You can do anything you want, you're no princess, but a warrior. Someone who wields their sword and creates their own reality.

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