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Cupick postcards are made of premium quality semi-gloss paper, with a superior writing surface to pour your heart's contents. The postcards are sold in sets of four, and are placed in between two cardboard plates and shipped in a mailer envelope.

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(part 1/3 of series) The Conformist Aware of the fact that he’s bound in chains, he’s also aware of the fact that he has the power to break them. But this is one who believes in the design of the system, letting the chains bind themselves stronger around him, till he can barely move and they’re choking what little of his individuality he has left; his hands tied and him crippled with its bonds. His only consolation is that his mind remains free, and yet he doesn’t realize that even that is restricted within its bubble, with layers and layers to the universe around him that he will never see – unless he breaks his bonds. The Conformist. The Fool. He’s there to stay and he’s there to remain crippled until he’s the only one there long enough to who root and change, and that’s when he becomes the Half-hearted Rebel.

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