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This is a drawing of a gladiator in front of coliseum. I wanted to draw something from the ancient time like the Roman era and i decided to do it. This is again made out of two references. I hope i have captured the anger and also the tension before the death game on his face. Well i did this because of fascination for the ancient times. I really enjoyed drawing this though. Drawing such a big coliseum in the background was a really a time taking task. Each of the windows holds a statue with so much detailing in it. So i stuck to my own style i.e realistic face and semi realistic background. There are also some elements in the drawing that are mystical :). Hope you enjoy. Tools Pencils HB - 8B kneaded eraser rubber eraser blending paper stumps normal sketching paper black (Charcoal) to give shadows sharp cut rubber erasers Comments will be highly appreciated

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