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Cupick greeting cards are crafted with premium quality semi-gloss paper, with a writing surface that is just right for the choicest words. The greeting cards are sold in sets of four, and are placed in between two protective cardboard plates and shipped in a mailer envelope.

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This is a drawing of a gladiator in front of coliseum. I wanted to draw something from the ancient time like the Roman era and i decided to do it. This is again made out of two references. I hope i have captured the anger and also the tension before the death game on his face. Well i did this because of fascination for the ancient times. I really enjoyed drawing this though. Drawing such a big coliseum in the background was a really a time taking task. Each of the windows holds a statue with so much detailing in it. So i stuck to my own style i.e realistic face and semi realistic background. There are also some elements in the drawing that are mystical :). Hope you enjoy. Tools Pencils HB - 8B kneaded eraser rubber eraser blending paper stumps normal sketching paper black (Charcoal) to give shadows sharp cut rubber erasers Comments will be highly appreciated

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