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This is inspired by Ronnie James Dio's Stargazer. The "wizard" here is an ancient astronaut who is stranded on earth. He is desperate to go to his star. His advance technology is interpreted as some sort of sorcery. People of earth are desperate to believe in something. And would blindly follow him. I mean they are slaves to his will but they desperately want to believe that he can fly. That's why I have shown them as hollow people made out of bandages or strings cause they are his slaves. He asks them to build a "tower of stone " a way to communicate with his world. If you see there are some tribal tattoo like marking on the stone. It's a sort of alien tech to communicate with his people. He has promised them things. I have left it there not showing him failing. Cause this is from the peoples point of view. When they look up at him. They see an angle like being with a Golden skin. But if you zoom in you will see its a space suit and jet pack.

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