The fishes of India by Francis Day 015 Inverted Apogon Multiplaeniatus, A Kalasoma, A Nigricans, A F


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The fishes of India by Francis Day 015 Inverted Apogon Multiplaeniatus, A Kalasoma, A Nigricans, A Frenatus, A Savayensis, A Nigripinnis, A Enderataenia, A Aureus, A Bifasciatus, A Galaga This material has been rebuilt as vector for both style and printing purposes. Plates are originally from “The fishes of India : being a natural history of the fishes known to inhabit the seas and fresh waters of India, Burma and Ceylon” by Francis Day. It was originally published in London by B. Quaritch, 1875-1878. Source material is in the public domain. To produce the rebuild, archival scans are color corrected, cropped, converted to vector at a size appropriate for printing, and saved with correct color space. For each positive plate in this series, an inversion has also been created. -Wetdryvac /

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