Habit of a merchant's wife of Paris in 1626 Femme d'un marchand de Paris 186

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Habit of a merchant's wife of Paris in 1626 Femme d'un marchand de Paris 186 The works of classical illustration for science and literature, political commentary, and children's works are are seriously interesting, though rather challenging for a conversion project. Restoring watercolor, line-work, wood-block print, and other styles to vector leads to some fairly serious hair tearing on occasion. Maintaining as much of the feel of the original pieces as possible while ensuring that the conversions are print-ready sometimes takes a lot longer than expected. Reading the books these images are from, however, is always a joy. If you need a reading list of utter loveliness, these illustrators and authors are well worth your time, and as each book is no longer under copyright you can often find versions of these books online quite easily. This particular set is from A Collection of the Dresses of Different Nations, Ancient and Modern, with designs by Holbein, Vandyke, and Hollar, published in 1757. Images are color corrected, cropped, and saved for print so as to bring out the best possible appearance. Adapted from restriction-free archives of the NYPL, with thanks. -Wetdr

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