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Mumbai, IN

The raison d'être of the Design for Kashmir collective is to create a sustainable source of income for the flood relief efforts. We are collaborating with a civilian volunteer group- “Volunteers for Kashmir'. Regular people who discovered that they had the most extraordinary potential when the floods hit. They started operating first out of a cafe in Delhi, and in the span of two weeks they have sent over 300 tons of relief material to Kashmir, It is an amazing and inspiring effort. They now have 600 volunteers across India helping out. It is common knowledge that this wave of volunteers won't last forever, it is made up of people with day jobs who put in time outside of their everyday lives. When they begin to wean away from the organisation and settle back into their everyday lives, we are hoping that 'Design for Kashmir' can provide them the means with which to scaffold the relief and rebuilding works. Winter is coming, and Kashmir will be enveloped in another nightmare, without shelter and succour.

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